It took 15 tries just to get…

this one photo. I’m off to give her her bribe…I mean treat.


The Graduate…

My immediate family is very small…one cousin, E, on my dad’s side, two on my mom’s. Today, we went to E’s high school graduation party! So very weird that the baby of the group is 18 and ready for college. A couple weekends ago, we went and took E’s senior photos…and had TONS of fun!

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Sweet Baby…

A few weekends ago, I took my first newborn photos on this sweet girl who was 6 days old. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Office Olympics

In honor of the 2010 Opening Ceremonies, we had our own mini office olympics during lunch the day of the start of the Olympics. We started with the parade of departments, complete with their own flags.

While we were enjoying our potluck spread for lunch, we started playing/competing in our games. First up was the Ice Hockey Shootout…

And their medal ceremony complete with podiums and medals…

Next came Speed Skating which is the sport that I participated in…

Gentlemen, assume your positions

We used furniture moving pads that we have because of the construction at our office…

I did not win… but at least I didn’t crash across the finish line.

Nice looking medal!

We even had a torch complete with something from each department attached to it.

It was a nice little afternoon distraction in the middle of the construction chaos that we are living in.

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Snow Dog…

FYI: These photos are from January when we had massive amounts of snow still on the ground.

Maddie obviously sees something that is more interesting than my camera…can’t imagine what is more interesting.

Look at her giant paw in the snow…mom, this picture is just for you!

You know there is a lot of snow when it basically covers the Mo-dog’s legs.

She had to hop like a bunny in order to actually move through the snow because it was so deep.

The bad part of playing in the snow…the massive amount of wet layers that must be shed afterwards.

Project 365 – Weeks 4 & 5

Just so you know…I’m only behind in posting the photos on my blog. I promise!

January 23rd: Flashlight Fun!

January 24th: Finally the sun makes an appearance after at least a week straight of clouds.

January 25th: The beginnings of dinner…in a variety of colors.

January 26th: My furball regularly takes up 2/3rd’s of the bed leaving me to curl around her…bed hog.

January 27th: Some of my favorite mugs are the giant Gilmore Girls sized mugs that are, soup, cupcakes!

January 28th: Self-Portrait #2

January 29th: Self-Portrait #3 – in my soon-to-be office.

January 30th: Steph has been randomly creating paper hearts and heart chains for our non-christmas tree.

January 31st: I’m embracing the Valentine’s Day decor…even the sparkles!

February 1st: Do you really think that I would let a little sign stop my camera from taking me behind those doors?

February 2nd: My pathetic furball…always having her space invaded by my camera.

February 3rd: The tree topper for our Valentine’s Day tree…maybe I’ll take it down before summer. Maybe.

February 4th: After having the tree up in the same place for going on 3 months, Mo-dog has finally figured out that she can hide from us by wiggling behind it.

February 5th: Finally a snowfall that is wet enough to stick to the trees!

February 6th: It only took two computers and about ten minutes before she was finally able to get her computer to connect to the internet at our now sad Starbucks (but that is a whole other story).

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Project 365 – Week 3

January 16th: There’s nothing like a warm, furry, breathing pillow to make a nap even better!

January 17th: It’s game time…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

January 18th: A lovely way to start Martin Luther King Day…coffee and a cranberry scone.

January 19th: My laptop, West Wing and a sleeping dog…a perfect evening.

January 20th: Sometimes a little floor time is the only way to sort out all the junk on your desk.

January 21st: Modern art via the construction area at my office.

January 22nd: Everybody needs a little warm chocolate cake from time to time.