Project 365 – Weeks 4 & 5

Just so you know…I’m only behind in posting the photos on my blog. I promise!

January 23rd: Flashlight Fun!

January 24th: Finally the sun makes an appearance after at least a week straight of clouds.

January 25th: The beginnings of dinner…in a variety of colors.

January 26th: My furball regularly takes up 2/3rd’s of the bed leaving me to curl around her…bed hog.

January 27th: Some of my favorite mugs are the giant Gilmore Girls sized mugs that are, soup, cupcakes!

January 28th: Self-Portrait #2

January 29th: Self-Portrait #3 – in my soon-to-be office.

January 30th: Steph has been randomly creating paper hearts and heart chains for our non-christmas tree.

January 31st: I’m embracing the Valentine’s Day decor…even the sparkles!

February 1st: Do you really think that I would let a little sign stop my camera from taking me behind those doors?

February 2nd: My pathetic furball…always having her space invaded by my camera.

February 3rd: The tree topper for our Valentine’s Day tree…maybe I’ll take it down before summer. Maybe.

February 4th: After having the tree up in the same place for going on 3 months, Mo-dog has finally figured out that she can hide from us by wiggling behind it.

February 5th: Finally a snowfall that is wet enough to stick to the trees!

February 6th: It only took two computers and about ten minutes before she was finally able to get her computer to connect to the internet at our now sad Starbucks (but that is a whole other story).

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