Christmas 2009 – pt 1

For Christmas this year, we headed out to Fort Collins, Colorado where my aunt and uncle live. Because of the time when we had to leave, we decided to stay overnight in the middle of nowhere Kansas so that we wouldn’t be driving in the dark in snow/ice. On the way to our stopping point we grabbed dinner where I accidentally sat down and took a drink from my sister’s cup. Needless to say, I didn’t like what was in it. 🙂

The first part of the drive was fine…a little fog and some snow that was already on the ground but nothing else. The next day however, was a different story. We headed out and found ourselves in the midst of some serious wind which caused some serious snow blowing.

Then a little further down the road, we came to a sheet of ice that completely covered the road. Everywhere we looked there were cars and trucks in ditches. We were following a line of a couple other cars that were all pretty much going around 20 to 30 miles an hour.

Finally we made it to the Oasis…literally. You have to love the irony of fake palm trees surrounded by piles of snow! All I have to say about the Oasis is God bless whoever decided that the middle of nowhere Kansas needed a Starbucks! It was a great place to get out of the car and breathe after driving on solid ice for half an hour or so.

Luckily, after we crossed the state line into Colorado, the roads were great. We made it for Fort Collins and were greeted by my uncle playing with his newest “toy”, a snowblower! He was having way too much fun.


Christmas in January pt 3…

There’s nothing like a little sibling rivalry to make Christmas morning interesting. You see I accused Steph of doing some getto wrapping when we were wrapping the last of the presents on Christmas eve. This was her revenge…


Part 2…


In taking her revenge on me…she used up all the tape in the house. So she got very creatively wrapped presents from me. Example A:


Example B:


Dad with his favorite present… a piece of floor.


It is a piece of the NCAA Championship floor from last year when KU won. It goes with his piece of floor from Allen Field House that he got last christmas.

Then there was his most creative present…


Yes it is a loaf of white bread. Steph and I gave it to him along with a jar of real, non-organic peanut butter, crappy jelly, a bag of Cheetos and a box of Swiss Cake Rolls. It was a very junk food Christmas for him 🙂

Christmas in January pt2…

So for the last post we covered food…now we move on to BALLS! This ball filled post is brought to you in honor of my favorite second mother…Dianna! Enjoy…

A ball tree…

tree o' balls

The balls making up a second ball tree

balls from tree 2

A cart full of after Christmas sale balls for next years Christmas ball wreaths!

cart of balls

Balls of different jewel toned sizes…

up close of balls

If I’d been thinking I would have made this the Leaning Tower of Balls…

tower of balls

More Christmas in January to come…

Christmas… in January

The photos that is. Don’t ask why it’s taken me so long to post anything from Christmas because then I would have to o into a whole explanation dealing with Nintendo Wii playing, Bush people visiting and addictive “Twilight” series book reading. Now onto the photos… Today’s post : The Holiday’s in Food

Creme Brulee at my Uncle’s birthday dinner (Dec 23rd)

Some incredibly light chocolate cake that a few of us had. Notice the slightly creepy marzipan Santa on top.


The cheesecake with a little of everything…peanut butter cups, cookie dough, rasperries, oreos, etc.


Jack Stack BBQ Lamb Ribs…one of God’s greatest creations!


The beginning of cinnamon rolls!!


And unfortunately this is the last picture that I took of the cinnamon rolls…right before they went in the oven. No after pictures…sorry guys.


What is this fluffy stuff…


Why it’s the beginning of peppermint marshmellows of course!


Stay tuned for more Christmas in January…

Random photo dump…

These photos have been cluttering up my hard drive so now they will clutter up my blog as well 🙂

This is Kevin allowing us to use his head as a way to show how GIANT this one multi-colored rope ball for dogs was. As another point of reference, Maddie weighs 70lbs and can barely get her ball (the brown and white one) in her mouth.


This is my sweet “Not a Paper Cup” cup…It looks just like a paper cup from a coffee shop but it is ceramic or something so it’s reusable. Plus it’s insulated and dishwasher safe! Now all I need is a fabric cup cozy such as this one.


It’s a tree of balls from the restaurant on the Plaza where we ate one night over the Holidays.


Mom and I were inspired by the ball tree to make ball wreaths using these fantastic balls that were on clearance…


This is my dessert from the above mentioned restaurant…wow was it good! It was a cheesecake that had all sorts of things in it like peanut butter cups, berries, cookie dough, etc. It was tasty!


The view of the Plaza from our table at the restaurant. Nothing says Christmas like the Plaza lights.


And finally, in case I didn’t temp you enough with the cheesecake photo earlier, here is the slab of lamb ribs from my absolute favorite bbq place! Okay, so now I think I’m making myself hungry.


Until this weekend…

A picture…and I promise that a new post will come this weekend. It’s even partially written 🙂


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Photos from the week…

Don’t get too excited, I’m sure there is nothing amazing about these but at this point it’s at least a post right?

She can’t help herself, she loves her pillows!


What’s hard to see is that there are pillows completely surrounding her. She apparently likes to sleep like I do, hence her jumping up into my bed in the two minutes between pulling down the covers and when I actually got into the bed.


Don’t be afraid, she might sound scary when growling at you, but she’s truly harmless and loves everybody.


My very tiny, baby tree on the kitchen counter…it’s a Starbucks tree. Yes, I like my coffee 🙂


Let’s just say that my tree shows that I love Target!