Bob the Builder…

I currently work in a construction zone. There are two offices in town, one is regional and one is corporate, that are being combined into one this spring. We have two staircases on either end of our building and you can never go from the basement entrance all the way to the 3rd floor in one staircase. It’s not possible…either because workers are hauling things in through them or you can’t get to the door from one of the floors. Right now, I work on the 2nd floor…they are doing work on the basement & 3rd floors…right above my head I might add. It’s just not a great feeling when you can hear loud noises above your head that are causing the floor beneath you to shake.

The bright side to the construction is that I’m photographing the process for our Operations VP and I have just enough of my dad in me to enjoy looking at blue prints and watching walls disappear and then reappear somewhere else overnight. I just finished a slideshow of all of my photos/videos from the last couple of weeks for our office Christmas party last Friday. When I was talking with the VP, who has a great sense of humor, about the slideshow, we were both stumped about the music. So like any good Generation Y’er, I turned to Facebook and put out a plea for help. My office will forever hate the friend who suggested the chosen song. After listening to the ideas, one of the last songs jumped out at me and begged to be used. The next day I asked the VP how cheesy I was allowed to be with the music and his answer “the cheesier the better!” That’s what I wanted to hear seeing as how the song I wanted to use was the full length version of the Bob the Builder theme song.

The office loved the video and no one complained about the music…at least to my face. So here are a few of my favorites so far…

Part of our building is an old house where you can see the original brick walls.

There use to be a ramp here…eventually there will be stairs, although I think they keep putting them off because they think it’s funny to watch me hop up what will be at least three stairs in dress pants & heels (the step stool broke after the first time the guys tried to “hop” onto it). 😉

Because the 3rd floor is what’s being worked on now, the drywall guys decided to bring in the sheet rock through a 3rd floor balcony.

A little photographic fun for my own enjoyment…taken without actually looking through the camera because that is when I do my best work! 😉