Project 365 – Week 3

January 16th: There’s nothing like a warm, furry, breathing pillow to make a nap even better!

January 17th: It’s game time…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

January 18th: A lovely way to start Martin Luther King Day…coffee and a cranberry scone.

January 19th: My laptop, West Wing and a sleeping dog…a perfect evening.

January 20th: Sometimes a little floor time is the only way to sort out all the junk on your desk.

January 21st: Modern art via the construction area at my office.

January 22nd: Everybody needs a little warm chocolate cake from time to time.


Christmas 2009 – pt 1

For Christmas this year, we headed out to Fort Collins, Colorado where my aunt and uncle live. Because of the time when we had to leave, we decided to stay overnight in the middle of nowhere Kansas so that we wouldn’t be driving in the dark in snow/ice. On the way to our stopping point we grabbed dinner where I accidentally sat down and took a drink from my sister’s cup. Needless to say, I didn’t like what was in it. 🙂

The first part of the drive was fine…a little fog and some snow that was already on the ground but nothing else. The next day however, was a different story. We headed out and found ourselves in the midst of some serious wind which caused some serious snow blowing.

Then a little further down the road, we came to a sheet of ice that completely covered the road. Everywhere we looked there were cars and trucks in ditches. We were following a line of a couple other cars that were all pretty much going around 20 to 30 miles an hour.

Finally we made it to the Oasis…literally. You have to love the irony of fake palm trees surrounded by piles of snow! All I have to say about the Oasis is God bless whoever decided that the middle of nowhere Kansas needed a Starbucks! It was a great place to get out of the car and breathe after driving on solid ice for half an hour or so.

Luckily, after we crossed the state line into Colorado, the roads were great. We made it for Fort Collins and were greeted by my uncle playing with his newest “toy”, a snowblower! He was having way too much fun.

Playing with dirt…

You should probably shield your eyes…there are ALOT of photos coming your way in this post. Enjoy!


One of these was grandpa’s bulldozer for the morning.


They used little sand boxes with toy bulldozers to show what they would be doing.


Doesn’t he look cute all decked out with his ear piece and bright vest?


He hopped right in and starting playing with the controls to figure out how everything worked.


Moving dirt into a pile at the end of a straight line… check.


He was very precise with his dirt moving… definitely the type of person you’d want to hire.


After he made a pile of dirt at the end of his path, they had him move a big rock around to the front of the pile.








Next, the bulldozers filled in the trenches that were created by the people who were driving the excavators.


He was very careful to fill it in completely and tried to level it out as much as possible.


He emerges…




Dig This…

So the whole reason that my extended family got together in Colorado a couple weekends ago was to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday. What he didn’t know was that the family all being together wasn’t the actual point of the weekend, although it was a very fun bonus. So after we all got to Steamboat Springs on Friday afternoon, we asked grandpa if he knew of any particular reason that we might have chosen Steamboat Springs.


After pondering for a minute or two, he said he couldn’t think of anything.


So we handed him an envelope. Doesn’t he looked excited?



He’s starting to get excited now.


Hey, he figured it out! Everyone went together and got him a half day of driving a bulldozer at Dig This


More pictures to come from his fun, dirt filled morning!

Photobooth fun…

Grandma & Grandpa having a little fun with PhotoBooth…

Photo 125

Photo 124

Photo 123

Photo 122

Bring on the golf carts…

All of the following are from Steph’s 20th birthday last weekend. We went and drove golf carts around our favorite lawn & garden place,

Steph's 20th 010ed

Gotta love the newly 20 year old driving around the 90 year old grandmother around. It really is the only way to do any garden shopping!

Steph's 20th 011

Cute aren’t they?

Steph's 20th 024

Steph's 20th 015

Not only does this place have golf carts to race around in, they have free popcorn!

Steph's 20th 007

Golf cart + camera on timer = self portrait while driving 😉

Steph's 20th 023

Did I mention that we had a little race with the golf carts??

Steph's 20th 041

No one messes with mom…plus Steph is just not a speed person. If only I wasn’t the one taking the photos 😉

Steph's 20th 042

My kind of speed limit sign…falling down 😉

Steph's 20th 065

No birthday adventure or any adventure for that matter is complete without Starbucks…

Steph's 20th 081

And a few random shots…

Steph's 20th 087

Steph's 20th 003

Well I think this post makes up for my recent lack of posts. Now I’m off to finish editing the photos from my shoot on Sunday…More photos to come.

Memorial Day Weekend…

I love getting to see Little Kevin…He was not so happy to see the camera.


Flowers from Mom’s garden.


Why do you always have to take my picture?


More from Mom’s garden…