The “T” Family…

Sunday afternoon was spent at my favorite park in the city taking family photos for a family whose oldest daughter left for Airforce boot camp on Tuesday. We had a great time…Enjoy!

Every person in the family was trying to get the very shy little girl to smile.

T Fam 5

T kids 1

T Girls 3e

Mom and her oldest two days before leaving she leaves for bootcamp.

M & C 2

Talk about a little ham…this guy knew exactly where the camera was at all times!

Clay 1

Courtney 1

Mom and Dad…

C & M1e

Success…we finally got a smile!

C & C

Megan 9

T Kids 4


Cornfield family…

Since Dianna posted these are on her facebook, I’m guessing I can post them here. 😉


Rocket Family…


I can’t believe I use to babysit these two…


The Pastor, Reverend JB and his rockstar wife…


Finally, a sneak peak of a post for another day…