It’s all about the food…

This was a fabulous steak, mushroom and rosemary polenta dish at one of my favorite Italian places…


We went there for Dad’s birthday and I just loaded this pic and started drooling!

And I have to say on a food related note, this is possibly my favorite/most used Christmas present…


Although the pot may tie with my new knives! Nothing is better than knifes that cut through meat like butter! And if that last sentence isn’t proof that I’m now an adult, I don’t know what is.


Christmas… in January

The photos that is. Don’t ask why it’s taken me so long to post anything from Christmas because then I would have to o into a whole explanation dealing with Nintendo Wii playing, Bush people visiting and addictive “Twilight” series book reading. Now onto the photos… Today’s post : The Holiday’s in Food

Creme Brulee at my Uncle’s birthday dinner (Dec 23rd)

Some incredibly light chocolate cake that a few of us had. Notice the slightly creepy marzipan Santa on top.


The cheesecake with a little of everything…peanut butter cups, cookie dough, rasperries, oreos, etc.


Jack Stack BBQ Lamb Ribs…one of God’s greatest creations!


The beginning of cinnamon rolls!!


And unfortunately this is the last picture that I took of the cinnamon rolls…right before they went in the oven. No after pictures…sorry guys.


What is this fluffy stuff…


Why it’s the beginning of peppermint marshmellows of course!


Stay tuned for more Christmas in January…