Random Monday…

  • I am twittering… be cool, go sign up and follow me @ wnh7c9. Fun stuff to come.
  • Oh and sign up for Steph’s…stephanie89.
  • I got a crash course in our accounting software at work…t-minus 14 days till the auditors arrive and the real fun begins.
  • All weekend I felt like I was forgetting something. Finally figured out it was enrolling for classes. Just kidding, I’m done with that now!!
  • I have yet to figure out why the trampoline is an Olympic sport.
  • A couple of the women, I work with have decided that I need to send a marriage proposal to Michael Phelps… apparently he is too young for them so I was their next choice.
  • My shoulders hurt just watching these male gymnasts on the rings.
  • A couple more pictures of the girls from last week…

Hi my name is Whitney…

and I’m addicted to the Olympics. A couple of us at work were talking about how we were getting less sleep because we had to stay up and watch the coverage till it turns off. Why can’t they split all this up? Why do you have to have all the good stuff on during the same days? Why can’t we alternate swimming and Men’s Hammer Throwing instead of gymnastics? That would certainly make it easier for me to turn off the TV…or at least I think it would. Instead, I’m getting excited watching Michael Phelps making all of these gold medals look incredibly easy and feeling sorry for the poor girl on the US women’s gymnastic team who totally blew her last two events.

Adding to my addiction is the fact that the Today show is completely full of Olympic coverage. It’s like the Olympics never ends. Thank god that there is a 12hr time difference because otherwise I’d be watching clips during my lunch break too. As it was, I had the unfortunate, accidental viewing of a rather disturbing injury a weightlifter suffered simply by opening up Drudge Report. I will not be posting a link to the article and/or picture because that would mean that I would have to go see it again…you’re on your own.

Here are a couple more pictures of the girls… they are so cute!

And the last for now…one option for a future band cover 🙂

Still more to come

A few more teases…