Bob the Builder…

I currently work in a construction zone. There are two offices in town, one is regional and one is corporate, that are being combined into one this spring. We have two staircases on either end of our building and you can never go from the basement entrance all the way to the 3rd floor in one staircase. It’s not possible…either because workers are hauling things in through them or you can’t get to the door from one of the floors. Right now, I work on the 2nd floor…they are doing work on the basement & 3rd floors…right above my head I might add. It’s just not a great feeling when you can hear loud noises above your head that are causing the floor beneath you to shake.

The bright side to the construction is that I’m photographing the process for our Operations VP and I have just enough of my dad in me to enjoy looking at blue prints and watching walls disappear and then reappear somewhere else overnight. I just finished a slideshow of all of my photos/videos from the last couple of weeks for our office Christmas party last Friday. When I was talking with the VP, who has a great sense of humor, about the slideshow, we were both stumped about the music. So like any good Generation Y’er, I turned to Facebook and put out a plea for help. My office will forever hate the friend who suggested the chosen song. After listening to the ideas, one of the last songs jumped out at me and begged to be used. The next day I asked the VP how cheesy I was allowed to be with the music and his answer “the cheesier the better!” That’s what I wanted to hear seeing as how the song I wanted to use was the full length version of the Bob the Builder theme song.

The office loved the video and no one complained about the music…at least to my face. So here are a few of my favorites so far…

Part of our building is an old house where you can see the original brick walls.

There use to be a ramp here…eventually there will be stairs, although I think they keep putting them off because they think it’s funny to watch me hop up what will be at least three stairs in dress pants & heels (the step stool broke after the first time the guys tried to “hop” onto it). 😉

Because the 3rd floor is what’s being worked on now, the drywall guys decided to bring in the sheet rock through a 3rd floor balcony.

A little photographic fun for my own enjoyment…taken without actually looking through the camera because that is when I do my best work! 😉


Playing with dirt…

You should probably shield your eyes…there are ALOT of photos coming your way in this post. Enjoy!


One of these was grandpa’s bulldozer for the morning.


They used little sand boxes with toy bulldozers to show what they would be doing.


Doesn’t he look cute all decked out with his ear piece and bright vest?


He hopped right in and starting playing with the controls to figure out how everything worked.


Moving dirt into a pile at the end of a straight line… check.


He was very precise with his dirt moving… definitely the type of person you’d want to hire.


After he made a pile of dirt at the end of his path, they had him move a big rock around to the front of the pile.








Next, the bulldozers filled in the trenches that were created by the people who were driving the excavators.


He was very careful to fill it in completely and tried to level it out as much as possible.


He emerges…




Dig This…

So the whole reason that my extended family got together in Colorado a couple weekends ago was to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday. What he didn’t know was that the family all being together wasn’t the actual point of the weekend, although it was a very fun bonus. So after we all got to Steamboat Springs on Friday afternoon, we asked grandpa if he knew of any particular reason that we might have chosen Steamboat Springs.


After pondering for a minute or two, he said he couldn’t think of anything.


So we handed him an envelope. Doesn’t he looked excited?



He’s starting to get excited now.


Hey, he figured it out! Everyone went together and got him a half day of driving a bulldozer at Dig This


More pictures to come from his fun, dirt filled morning!

Mountain Roads…

are no different to me than roads in the flat nowhere of Kansas. Want proof? Here you go…


And here…


And my favorite…here.


But you see I couldn’t really stop at ones with us in the middle of the road. I had to keep going and feed the addiction.

(Disclaimer: I was not driving while taking these photos…not that I would ever contemplate that…or attempt it while sitting in construction at a stand still)





My name is Whitney…

and I’m addicted to windmills.


Not those littles ones found in gardens…the BIG sustainable energy ones.


Not that I’m some super-into-green-technology-must-buy-renewable-everything-person, cause I’m not.


Which is why it’s especially funny that I have just been appointed to our division’s “Green Team”.


As I told you earlier…I’m a little obsessed.


But I just can’t help but be mesmerized by them.



In the middle of a field…literally…there was a place called Moonshine.

Moonshine 033e

Moonshine 009

Population: 2

Moonshine 012e

It’s a place where you drive whatever is handy and park wherever you want. Including the middle of the road.

Moonshine 011

So what is the deal with Moonshine you ask? Why are all these people sitting in the middle of nowhere?

Moonshine 014

The burgers and the experience… but basically the experience. Here’s our story. We arrived at 12:15pm for lunch which caused a little bit of a panic from these people.

Moonshine 020

You’re probably wondering what caused the panic…it was because we got in line at 12:15pm. You see, Moonshine serves burgers until exactly 12:30pm. If you have not put in your order by 12:30pm, you’re out of luck. So we stood in line and hoped that we’d make it before the grill closed. We finally got inside where it was mass chaos and placed our order right before they closed. There were so many people packed into the space that I only have these two photos which I think gives you a pretty clear image of what Moonshine is like.

In front of the boxes at the bottom of this pic is where you picked up whatever chips you wanted. Drinks were found in buckets of ice or coolers. It was all very random.

Moonshine 029

Oh and they have an annual Moonshine Motorcycle Run…and it’s documented on metal garbage lids that line the space above the door. That’s just the kind of place it is.

Moonshine 030e

But I have to say…the burgers were good!

A trip through “Scenic Cornfield”…

Through my lens of course…


A white squirrel perhaps??


Unlike the town I grew up in, they haven’t fixed all their old buildings so you can still find fun things.


This is the “dirty whore wall”…don’t ask.



They have an old movie theater where you get your tickets from a card table and some recent excitement was the addition of a cash register!



While taking some senior photos, I got a little “behind the scenes” tour of the theater…giant film reels, movie canisters, and projectors. I love that sort of thing!