Best in show…

at least where costumes are concerned. On Friday, our office had a Halloween bash complete with contests for best costume, best door decorations, and best pumpkin decorating. It was a very entertaining afternoon. As a whole the finance department was not real into the whole dressing up thing. Then another department came down to “say hi” (spy on the competition) and we decided that maybe they needed some true competition. Now on to the pictures…


This is Finance…a Chief, a girl who started not long after me, myself and a VP. Our VP had the sudden idea that we should be dressed as disgruntled Chiefs fans. She gets all the credit for our Best Costume win. We were missing the other two finance staffers in our office, that is until the pumpkin decorating contest.


The gourd is my boss who is from Texas and so she is always “blinged” out. The little one is our accounting VP, who had taken the day off to go with friends to as many Chipolte’s as possible dressed as burritos so they could get free ones. So we made him a burrito. The Chief decided that this is what would happen from now on if you were gone on Halloween…just wait till April Fool’s Day. 🙂


Our entire office…one department came as different animals.

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