Project 365 – Week 3

January 16th: There’s nothing like a warm, furry, breathing pillow to make a nap even better!

January 17th: It’s game time…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

January 18th: A lovely way to start Martin Luther King Day…coffee and a cranberry scone.

January 19th: My laptop, West Wing and a sleeping dog…a perfect evening.

January 20th: Sometimes a little floor time is the only way to sort out all the junk on your desk.

January 21st: Modern art via the construction area at my office.

January 22nd: Everybody needs a little warm chocolate cake from time to time.


A Typical Mo-Dog Day…

Sitting at our feet while we eat breakfast…

Being used as a pillow. Doesn’t she look thrilled? 😉

Having her personal bubble invaded…either by us or by a camera.

Enjoying some cuddle time while enjoying the KU game…

Poor thing is completely unloved.

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All of this for a ripped toe nail! The funniest part is the way she walks when not distracted by something else. I can’t even begin to describe it. So I leave you with the photo…in all of it’s pink and purple hearted glory!

Sleep Interupted…

Look at how cute she is asleep, all curled up in a tiny ball.


Well, till I decide to take a picture that is. 😉


It’s a rough life.

Oh the drama…

not for me, well sort of. And really there are a few people who could be voted off the planet and cause a little less drama in my world but that’s not the point of this particular post. Today’s drama was all about my poor Mo dog.

First, today was filter maintenance day so Maddie had to be shut in the bedroom all day. Plus there were unknown people in her home. Not cool with her.

Second, I came home and went to open the bedroom door when I realized it wouldn’t open. My first thought is that it was sticking because it was humid. Unfortunately…. not the case. The door was locked. From the inside. Ya, good times. I messed with the door knob for a little bit and couldn’t get anything to work, so I left a message with maintenance but was not real optimistic on my chances there. So then one of my coworkers popped into my head because she and her husband are real fix-it’s. So I called her and she said that she’d bring his tool box and come over. Right after I hung up with her I remember that I had a really small screwdriver like the kind you use on tiny screws like glasses or something. I managed to wiggle it around and bingo, it opened. Oh and during the whole thing, Maddie was FREAKING out on the other side.

Finally, I took Maddie for a nice walk because I was feeling bad about her dramatic day. Let’s just say it’s 85 degrees out there and while she did fine outside, she’s now panting like nobody’s business.

To end on a happy note…It’s happy almost Friday day!

Not so much a dog…

as a baby really, especially when sleeping. She loves her humans!


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Tuesday Randomness…

We start this random post with my wonderful muffin from Saturday. You know why it was so good? Because the majority of it was muffin top and we all know that’s the best part of muffins. See look at all the crumbly top…


See how the top was bigger than the bottom…


In other randomness…I finally found lamps at Target thanks to Steph. I love the look of them!


Finally, this is when you know that your dog is slightly needy…


Mo just had to be touching me so she slept with her snout on my leg. Needy I tell you.