My week…

We started the week at work with no financial systems as they were being upgraded by our National office. The new systems were launching on Tuesday morning so Monday was filled with random stuff we’d all been putting off. Tuesday started with an email announcing the “successful launch” of the new systems…let’s just say that it was a little premature. Three systems were included in the upgrade…I could get into one and it was the one that I only use once a month or so. The funniest part is that as Tuesday and Wednesday went by, new emails were sent out talking about how this part or that part of one of the systems wasn’t working. It just kept getting worse as time went on. In the end, I was finally able to get into all the systems on Friday… at 4:30pm 😉

In other news from my week, I went over to one of my small group girl’s houses last night for a girly movie night.  Two Weeks Notice never fails to be funny no matter how many times I watch it. LOVE Hugh Grant! It was fun to get to know her better and movies are always more fun with more than one person to watch it.

Today has been spent doing some random cleaning, wearing out my dog, watching Miss Prettygrew Lives for a Day, and doing my taxes. Amazingly enough, all of these things have made for a very enjoyable Saturday. And now a few photos…

Nothing like a little Photo Booth fun


Yummy Parmesan Garlic Pretzel Waves!

pretzel waves

A slightly imposing looking Mo-dog…



My poor nose…

This past week has been cool, cloudy and rainy…all of which equals heaven for me! Today after church, my parentals, Steph and myself went out to lunch followed by the requisite Starbucks stop. We sat and drank our coffees (Pumkin Spice Lattes, baby), discussing the world all while enjoying this fabulously cool weather. I then grabbed my camera and went to one of my favorite places and took pictures of two adorable girls. We had a great time and there will be pictures forthcoming. So I came home and happened to look in the mirror to find that my nose is bright red. Yeah, all it took was about an hour outside at Starbucks for my nose to look like this…

I know it’s kinda hard to tell in this photo but my nose is definitely a different shade than the rest of my face. The worst part is that other than a rather unfortunate look if it starts to peel, you’ll never know that it happened because my skin refuses to tan. Dang “fair” skin.

Here, there and everywhere…

is exactly where this post is going to go. Be warned.

I went home for the long weekend and Snuffie became the star of an impromtu session with my MacBook camera. If you get down on floor, the dog immediately walks over and throws herself as close to you as she can. Pretty cute huh?

This would be her barely tolerating us and the Mac.

In other animal related news, this arrived in the mail today.

Yes, “Pheobe” sent me a drawing of her paws and some hair…just in case I missed her. Danielle, I think Pheobe needs a friend if she’s this bored during the day.

Finally, in honor of the convention truly kicking off tonight…how cute are these. Okay I think that’s enough randomness for now. 🙂