The Graduate…

My immediate family is very small…one cousin, E, on my dad’s side, two on my mom’s. Today, we went to E’s high school graduation party! So very weird that the baby of the group is 18 and ready for college. A couple weekends ago, we went and took E’s senior photos…and had TONS of fun!

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Finally a girl!!

For senior photos that is. I finally got to spice up my photography life and shoot a girl instead of a guy. Let me tell you…what a world of difference there was! While shooting the guys in the past, I’ve brought my sister along to (as she puts it) “bring the funny”. These boys just didn’t pop out with a smile at the drop of the hat. In this case, we had to tell her to stop smiling occasionally and my sister was used as a prop master/camera bag carrier. So here is a sneak peak of her pics…

Jen Web 1

Jen Web 2

Oh and this is possibly my favorite door of all time!

Jen Web 3


In honor of the fact that I just finished the most recent set of senior photos (Di: disk is being mailed tomorrow) here are a few more photos… and a special appearance by some old friends.

Log Fin 73ebw

Log Fin 26edi

Log Fin 15e


Sneak Peek…

Since I’ve spent all evening working on a set of senior photos I thought I’d post a sneak peek… two photos for now, more to come!

Log Fin 3e

Log Fin 5e

Road Trip…

Here are a few of my favorites from the road trip to Kansas. The rest can be found HERE in a Facebook album. Oh and happy 100th post to me!


Yes, I made her sit in the middle of a road…more specifically a highway…frequented by semi-trucks. 😉




Finally one of my absolute favorites of the whole set…


Senior photos…

Last weekend I took a senior’s photos one of which will get included in his yearbook! Here are a couple of my favorites…

In this photo is the new puppy “Hans”. In keeping with the name, his owner is using the word “Nein” which is German for no, instead of using the actual word no. It was a pretty funny thing to hear!