Nothing to say…

It’s been pretty quiet around here and nothing really blog worthy has happened lately. I’m looking forward to the nice weather this week especially since it’s staying light out for longer! Maddie and I can take walks after I get home from work and it’ll still be light enough out. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it greatly!

This week will be a four day week for me because Steph and I are headed to Kansas to see the grandparents for a long weekend. Then next week will be a three day week…a little bit of a spring break for me. Each Friday, there is a schedule of who in the office is going to be in the office, on PTO, or traveling the following week. Apparently, we have all decided to take a mini “spring break” of sorts at some point during the next week. I guess spring fever is in the air!

Steph and I have some grand photo taking plans while we are in Kansas so hopefully I’ll get some good stuff to share after we get back. Until then, here is the little paper football game that Dad and I had going while sitting at Starbucks this afternoon…



I miss…

only a few things from college…

  • the freedom to schedule your classes so that you could sleep in (although Maddie would prevent that)
  • running errands during the day when there are fewer people around (ex: picking up packages at the post office one night last week required 10 minutes just to find a PARKING SPOT!!)
  • being home during the afternoon when packages are delivered to your apartment (so no need to go to above mentioned post office)
  • enjoying being outside on days those random winter days when it’s 70 degrees

But then again, all of the above came at the price of studying and tests and no life and…Kruger. None of which do I miss.


Bring on the coffee…

No matter what family event we are together for, it always involves a visit to Starbucks. It’s especially fun now that my cousin is 16 years old and gets to actually come with us! So after Dad’s birthday dinner we headed to Starbucks where an impromptu shoot broke out…

Blur is what happens when you get mom started laughing 😉


This is possibly one of my favorite pictures of dad!


I love all these little dividers!


Apparently Steph loved them so much that she decided to focus on it instead of me 😉


A couple of coffee random shots…



And finally my favorite photo of the whole night!


Phone Photo Randomness…

The aisle of balls…Christmas balls that is.


Talk about a guard dog…


Apparently, the table is comfortable…


When Maddie’s nose gets cold, she does this…


This makes me happy…


A little something that made me think of my favorite people in the cornfield…


Finally… yes, my dog is needy. So needy that she has to get her cold nose on my keyboard.