Earth Day…

Thanks to the new Division wide “Green Team”, we had a little Earth Day shindig at the office. It involved “fun” snacks (which we learned did not include carrots/broccoli/veggie dip), Earth Day trivia contest complete with eco friendly prizes and a little surprise for everyone to have on their desks. Part of my morning was spent with a couple of coworkers covering milk cartons (like we all had in grade school) with paper wrappings containing green sayings…Recycle, turn off lights, etc. Aren’t these cute?


It even had a little flag made from address labels and coffee stir sticks that said Do Your Part. Who knew all that creativity could come from Finance?


Happy Anniversary…

In honor of my 1 year anniversary (Today) at the American Cancer Society, I give you a taste of working downtown.

I went to open one of my office windows earlier this week and noticed the road across the street was closed. So what did I do…took pictures of course.


Turned out to be a commercial shoot for the law firm across the street. My boss and I watched as they filmed the exact same scene multiple times. Shockingly enough, they weren’t very good.


First, one guy walks down the stairs and meets up with another guy. Next, they closely exam a set of what I’m sure is very important papers (probably their lines).  I saw this exact scene enough times that I got bored and never saw them actually move passed it.

In another prime example of working downtown…I drove past this lovely scene on the way home tonight.


Sorry about the very small amount of actual photo but I was driving and trying to be stealthy. So direct your eyes to the right hand corner. That would be a police van with cops putting people into the back in hand cuffs. Oh yeah and there were three cop cars and another van. On the bright side though, I didn’t see any SWAT vehicles. 😉

I’m off to enjoy my celebratory Chipolte!

Best in show…

at least where costumes are concerned. On Friday, our office had a Halloween bash complete with contests for best costume, best door decorations, and best pumpkin decorating. It was a very entertaining afternoon. As a whole the finance department was not real into the whole dressing up thing. Then another department came down to “say hi” (spy on the competition) and we decided that maybe they needed some true competition. Now on to the pictures…


This is Finance…a Chief, a girl who started not long after me, myself and a VP. Our VP had the sudden idea that we should be dressed as disgruntled Chiefs fans. She gets all the credit for our Best Costume win. We were missing the other two finance staffers in our office, that is until the pumpkin decorating contest.


The gourd is my boss who is from Texas and so she is always “blinged” out. The little one is our accounting VP, who had taken the day off to go with friends to as many Chipolte’s as possible dressed as burritos so they could get free ones. So we made him a burrito. The Chief decided that this is what would happen from now on if you were gone on Halloween…just wait till April Fool’s Day. 🙂


Our entire office…one department came as different animals.

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Randomness through photos…

This picture sums up my day…

I spent so much time waiting for one of the slow as molasses websites to load that I started drawing on anything available. My desk got very colorful!

While roaming Barnes & Noble on Saturday I stumbled across this book…

All I have to say to that title is AMEN! And I saw this calendar…

First thought…I love Dilbert. Second thought…it might as well say Dwight and not Dilbert. 🙂

Question mark??

Tuesday morning, I came into work and noticed something odd on the table in our work area.

As people started filtering into the office, various theories of what exactly it was were thrown out. Now before someone asks, I do not need to flip the photo. It really was backwards, hence our confusion. The most immediate thought is that it was a backwards question mark. But why backwards? Throughout the day, various people from other parts of the building walked by and gave their opinions as to what it was and who did it. Some of the more creative ones…fish hook and a noose. Someone suggested that maybe we have staffer who is dyslexic. By late afternoon as a few of us worked frantically to finish a report for our national office by the end of the day, we decided to break into the candy. We did have a rule that you had to follow in order to take a piece…You had to create a new symbol or word with the remaining pieces. We had things like the word “Who” and an arrow pointing to the VP’s office. It got quite entertaining. Today we got it to an equal sign and then a dash. Can you tell it’s the end of the year for us and our minds are almost gone?

In other pictures, these are the lovely little signs along the highway that tell you how long it will take to get to a certain exit or where an accident is located.

This morning it was NOT my friend. I only have to drive 10 miles to the office, typically it takes 12-15 minutes in the morning. Today was not one of those days. I got onto the highway and while it was a little slow, it picked up to normal fairly quickly until just before the sign that says I have 8 miles to get to my exit. This morning that nice, little sign said 25 minutes… to go EIGHT miles! Yeah, that’s the way to start the morning.

Finally, I started in a new small group tonight at church. It’s through the women’s ministry and I didn’t know what age range etc. these women would be. Two of the girls there tonight are my age and another is a little older than us. The funny part is that four of the six there tonight work in the non-profit arena. Pretty cool huh? I think it’ll be good to get to know some people in the church and get more involved.

It’s official…

It’s really been official for awhile now but I got my nameplate so it seems more real. That combined with the fact that a couple of the guys from school have started back to classes without me. And before you ask, no, I don’t miss it and yes, I have rubbed it in. 🙂

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Can you see me?

You guessed it, I’m the big black blob in the center of the picture. The reason for my being a blob is not poor picture quality or angle or anything like that. It’s because I work downtown.

Today was so hot that
the power company asked everyone downtown to try and conserve energy in order to avoid a brown out. Their suggestions ran from turning off unnecessary electronics to turning off lights in offices with windows. So everybody in the finance department worked without lights, as we all have at least one window. Let’s just say that it made us all very sleepy today…and apparently will do the same thing tomorrow.

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